the mixed “media theme” had led to a turning point and to amoment of development; this is the reason why i wanted my staging to be representative of this change. Aswell as the mixed media refers to a kind of visualart that mix a variety ofmedia in a single artwork ( through the assemblage or the mixture of materials, tecnique and technologies different from each other)so also the staging wanted to recover the idea of mixed media through the interaction and thecrossing union of different materials and tecniques to create a unique exposition where both the historicalelement and the contemporary element (essential theme of the poetic of Fiber Art) blended in a mixed space. thisis the reason why the design choice abandoned the partition into topicareas, typical of last editions, by using all the exposure area as a single space of interaction in which artworks,both from Young Fiber Contest and from Open Call, interact with each other communicating without bonds other than ones imposed by the curator. The expositive path in interpolated by interactive elements (video clip projected on a wall) that interact as a cultural and descriptive support of Fiber Art and also of the exhibition. Aestetically, the staging is inspirated by the expositive location (Imbinacheria del Vajro) and restores, as an exhibit element, the idea of the cloth “hung to whiten”. Those “hung” elements, reinyerpreted with a contemporary twist, become the stuctural and descriptive element of staging enriched by an “da hoc” scenic element obtained from the artistic recover of threads spools used in the making of drapers of Chieri.