The Turin Industrial Union (UI) is a dynamic and dialogical reality: dynamism and dialogue are both the project leading key and conceptual key:
DYNAMISM: The project is based on individual flexible elements (whose shapes recall the architectural styles of the buildings, by interpolating their essential characteristics) able to vary, in real time, the spatial composition in relation to the different functions and function wanted.
DIALOGUE: thanks to the latest generation technologies, flexible elements are connected to each other through multimedia and interactive dialogue (in real time) both on the individual needs and general information and uses, this is for the total use or enjoyment of the activities and functions of the UI.

In a world that is always connected, active, social, liquid, hybrid, the graphic communication apparatus is transformed into a 360 ° interactive multimedia communication concept / system, enriching and implementing itself in a management and organizational system (SCGO): an application (through interactive sensors, geolocation at a granulale scale, smart touch panel, ad hoc software) makes possible to immediately communicate people (through mobile phone and badge) with the activities of the UI. The system allows:
_to users: to interact with information and news concerning them, to be directed, informed, to book (rooms, conferences, appointments …) and to connect to the resources of the UI dedicated to them.
_to internal staff: to manage, to interact, to monitor, to evaluate the entire activity taking place in the UI (including users) and to modify, to adapt, to use differently and at their best the different project elements and design (smart touch panel, lights …)

The materials used are the result of cutting-edge technological innovation and the best product of human ingenuity and the technical-technological capacity of the industry; also for that they constitute symbolic value of the UI. Colors are chosen for their psychological and emotional values, while their hues stimulate the welcome and well-being.