“We want a flat capable of being or becoming fit often by modification. A living space that change concurrently as our working and emotional couple’s life does.” That was the strictly statement comes out from our client. Our goals was to project a room that has in its design the characteristic to embody spatial, structural and service strategies, which allow the physical space a level of malleability in response to changing needs over time. We work a lot along customer thoughts and that make us chose a Soft Flexibility approach because it allows the client themselves to change the layout to accommodate the emerging needs or new functional patterns without tying the apartment spatial configuration to planimetric schemes defined a priori. For these reasons, we design a circular flow of space around the flat’s heart (fireplace-library-main plants). This Flexible architecture approach allows the space to adjust to changing needs (personal, practical or technological) and patterns (demographic, economic, or health-care), both technological, private and emotional. There are no fixed function area, apart the kitchen, so different areas could be modified in times. New bathroom could be realized in the future, thanks to already realized strategic plant configuration.
Custom-made wooden insulated cabinetry create divisions within the home and they manage future layouts. There is only two fixed drywall partition (bathroom and flat’s heart), all the others are realized to be modified easily. Sliding doors, openable cabinetry doors and custom modular cabinet partition are the way to changing the flat configuration, both in single room scale or in all flat surface.
To avoid encumbrances, appliances are built-in cabinetry ensuring that the home remains uncluttered and living space is maximised.
The apartment’s aesthetic reflects the choice of clean at first sight approach, so minimalist style had been chosen. A saturated warm shadow of eggshell white is the vertical hue that match perfectly with the hard exotique continuous wood floor, metal and dark spotlight element are introduced to give richness to all.