The exhibition purpose was to raise awareness and engage actively people, especially youth, in all sports, even those little known to the general public. The exhibit project has interested a surface of 40.000 m2 (15.000m2indoor and 25.000 m2outdoor) and has realized different sectors and sections both for sports facilities and related exhibitions: ticket office, entrances,100meters tunnel, pole vault pit, shooting cabins, plate for multi-purpose sports matches, cyclo-cross track, artificial indoor climbing structure, indoor artificial ski slope with ski lift, ring-track, field boxing, artificial track cross-country skiing, external golf field, and stands , local center for sports medicine, movie-theater marquee,” Sport per sport ecco gli sport” exhibition, “Torino e lo sport” exhibition, “lo sport nasce a…” exhibition, halls for sports promotion institutions .”Sport per sport ecco lo sport ” exhibition illustrates, with the help of mannequins and specific equipment, the practice of each sport and testifies the sport influence in the world of textile production, clothing and on actual social customs. “Sport and survival” exhibition ,ironically, illustrates the link between some sports practices and the original struggle for life, from the triple jump down to the one hundred meters. “Sports and games” documents the sport evolution from pure recreational activity to complex professional and business organizations (for example football). “Sport and progress” illustrates with charts, models, prototypes, the technological contribution linked to the evolution of the tools and sports cars. In its 100 days life the exhibition involved more than 500,000 visitors.