The architectural firm Tiberio was born in 1979 in Turin, founded by architect Fiorenzo. This firm, with more than thirty years activity, by now makes use of two generations of architects both graduates from the Polytechnic University of Turin. Initially the firm was in charge of architectural design, exhibit and graphics for public and private clients. In the year 2000, with the inclusion of his son Massimo, the firm developed a new professional reality, no longer tied only to the Italian territory, but to international experience by expanding its field of action to interior and industrial design. Due to its accumulated experience, the architectural firm Tiberio, has faced new problems, providing unique and unrepeatable solutions, such as the realization of the first indoor climbing structure in Italy, inside the “Palazzo a Vela” of Turin in 1980, the identification and the plans for the removal of architectural barriers in the municipal sport facilities in Turin in 1984. Continuing to be true to its philosophy of ensuring the best response to the client’s wishes and in order to offer unique and exclusive “ad hoc” solutions, the firm pursues a continuous updating (on materials, techniques, trends, technologies, theories) for which it obtained the Klimahaus (Junior architect: maximum design certification Klimahaus) and PassiveHaus certification. The firm has also specialized in the Flexible Architecture. workshops and collaboration with the architects Renzo Piano, A. Isola, I. Larson