The client contacted us to re-design completely (both architectural and interior design) the basement, in order to realize a new independent real estate unit. The requests were to maintain the existing boiserie, lightening as much as possible its wooden component and realize a loft inspired by a “fusion” between the minimalist style and the glamour, with palette in shades of gray and metallic materials. The design carries out a layout with simple and intelligible geometries, where fixed furniture items are custom made as a continuity and integration of the new architectural structure; the furnishings are focused on sculptural, but neutral forms, in order to make them interchangeable and to lie outside the classical interior design’s arrangement . Surfaces treatments are textural with intense and deep colorings, some metal backdrop finishes (silver leaf and oxidized metal ) gives intense visual interplay and allows the light refraction in natural, warm and rich tones. The boiserie, pickled in grey tones and lightened of its grains, was treated as a textured background.