The owners of an abandoned old alpine hut have contacted us to renovate the building and divide it into two independent units to use during the winter season. Concerning the layout we decided to orient the two units in order to take advantage of the overall view. Structurally, the project has provided for the lower part, the stiffening of the load bearing walls(dry wall) with columns and perimeter beams in reinforced concrete, while in the upper part, the original timber structure has been reinforced with precast plant-integrated BBS perimeter walls; deteriorated beams and central pillars have been replaced with laminar wooden ones. Particular attention has been devoted to the isolation of thick XPS panels. The roof was redone in traditional carpentry. The external coatings are local handcraft face: brick-stone for the lower part, wooden local essence planks (autoclaved) for the upper part, lose (traditional stone tiles) for the roof.