The room of 700 square meters, located on the ground floor below the parish of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament, is a reinforced concrete building dating back to 1920. Initially it was used as a parish theater with 350 places (250 in the stalls and 100 in the gallery), in the postwar period it was transformed into a cinema and it worked until 1965. No longer used since 1966, the abandoned volume suffered a sharp decline. The complete renovation project involved the whole lot adjusting and adapting it to the safety standards in force. The structural works have eliminated the gallery (not accessible for the lack of emergency exits), reduced the capacity of the auditorium down to 200 seats; the soundproof was achieved with sound-absorbing paneling (ceiling and wall). New safety exits were created according to standards; a foyer, entrances and toilets were built or redone in order to make the complex independent from the overlying building. The stage and the theatrical structures needed (dressing rooms, locker rooms, services and access to self-actors) were rebuilt . The electrical installations, plumbing, heating and air changes were completely redone. Equipped with a fire proof Sprinkel system and all the prefectural rules relating to security regarding chairs, curtains, coverings, upholstery and furniture. Theater Alpha got the practicability in 1992 and it is currently in use.