The commission of the project came together with the explicit requires of two different, but complementary, use of the flat’s space and not seldom their common existence in the place: flat has to welcome period for single social life as like as period for single parent family life. So common areas and son’s private room are to be integrated in the same small housing unit.

Spatial and aesthetic scheme ambience with different functions was the goals to achieve, so we staged out our considerations avoiding traditional typologies. Talking with client we wanted to design a flat that in soul representher the innovatively/particular family relationship, so the the idea of movement and sharing formed the backbone of the concept. Openness blends different functional spaces such as living room, kitchen and bedroom around by creating a structure made up of dynamic modular elements.

The architectural strategy was to devise a succession of spaces with no specifical use, gathered in a sharable or whole composition by assembles custum furniture modules that seclude some areas from the adjacent once, as needed. At the same time, the modules opening themselves towards scenic views of the apartment. This modular structure enhances the spatial concept of the house, creates interesting visual effects, definine a sequence of open and enclosed spaces and could increasing owner’s privacy (as need could transform part of the living room into the private child room when he lives at mother’s home).

Interior design have been guided by playful and vibrant composition of hue and texture; calm colours palette based on elegant pearl white hue converse with warm with intimate dark-stained smoked oak (floor and modular cabinet) and lavish accent (leather cushions, metal shelves,  velours).