The owner requested our intervention(architecture and interior design) to recover the attic of his house and make it into an independent housing units. The central access was a limiting factor for the layout. Planimetrically, we intervened with very few modifications, technically, instead interventions have been carried out on the perimeter insulation, and the volumes ,have been adjusted to current standards. Upon customer’s requests the interior design, has chosen an eclectic-contemporary style, where classic furnishings match with modern design elements. To get deep and live coloration to enrich rooms ,great attention has been given to the wall finishes, using both historical and material techniques. The cabinets have been tailored and in wall continuity to expand the space. Materials (national woods, velvet, leather, gold leaf …) were chosen solely for their visual and tactile qualities in order to recall the charm and the atmosphere of “vigna” and the style of surrounding manors.