The idea comes from the identification of three ideal elements that represent being “alpino”: mountains, the belonging territory and the tradition. Mountains are represented by alpine outline which is visible from Cavoretto; the territory is the profile of Cavoretto symbolized by the church, the bell tower and the roofs of the houses; tradition is the black eagle feather, the ” feather ” that identifies us as being alpini army members, symbol of the indissoluble hyphen between mountain, territory. These three elements are designed as three overlapping plates, of which the upper profile, creates a continuous line to represent the message of connection and unity between alpini and the territory. The material is oxidized copper, chosen because it recalls the color of the alpini (uniforms, hat, ..)and the mountain. It is philologically correct because the monument is located in an urban (square, church, rectory and buildings) homogeneous context, built in the Baroque age.