The plot is set in a “non-place”, a connecting peripheral area and a historical priority access (of which no trace remains) to the city. It is in a rural landscape, wide and flat without characterization, apart from the southwest corner, which has view on the city medieval walls. The project idea takes inspiration from this condition of “urban access”: THE GATE. The project reinterprets, in a contemporary and technological way, the structural outline and the functional schemes present in the defensive Cittadella’s walls. To avoid the effect of a dislocated architecture, instead of intervening on the volumetric mass, we had chosen to intervene with an evocative volume, based on the geometric primary lines and constructive outlines and then, to minimize all the other elements.
The materials are philological, sustainable, durable and self-protective; they do not require high costs (economic and environmental) both for their realization and for their maintenance; materials are: corten and reconstituted wood. Owing to the location in the territory, the inclusion of micro-wind turbines and photovoltaic elements ensure complete energy independence and lighting autonomy to the walkway and the below crossroads.