The client was looking for a drastic change from the status quo (a 55 square meters house of the 50’s). The project has increased the housing area: enlarging with two comfortable bathrooms and expanding the living area with a new kitchen structure opened on the living room and integrated to it. Structurally, the extension works were carried out in technical continuity with the original building (concrete and brick walls). To meet the customer’s wishes (cancel the feeling between the inside and the outside) doors and windows were custom made, maximizing the glass area. In order to get the best enjoyment of plein-air life, the outdoor area has been adapted to create an open space in continuity with the living room and enriched by differentiated use areas (dependances, gazebo, walk-in shower, shed for tools …). Stylistically: the Provencal style has been abandoned for the benefit of a contemporary and timeless style. The interior design has favored square shapes, without pronounced stylistic references, and natural materials; The colors are inspired by the original colors of the materials; tissues are hand woven linen and not dyed. The kitchen cabinets, weeded out of any typical kitchen feature reference, were custom-made to integrate them in the living room and interact with furnishings.