This project is a renovation of a 1902 rural farm hut. The intention was to turn the existing construction, a “pastiche” of small individual spaces added later, into a contemporary house with clean plus modern lines and confortable spaces.
The home had been built up with a mix of masonry blocks and some parts with concrete frame. Keeping with the tight budget, most out of the total construction cost was for securing the bearing structure.
Starting from a poor existing space in dimension and quality, with no clear connection to outside, our design aim was to turn the construction into a radically different layout and design, revealing confort rooms, adding value to building while preserve historical hillside typology charme. In addition, our design has tended to rebuild the relationship between indoor and outdoor spaces (the garden and the wiev on surrounding hills).
The most important gesture was to redesig the plan and open up the ground floor towards the garden by shifting the entrance side and transform the existing windows into door-window. The ground floor is reserved for the living and daylife quarters while first floor houses the private spaces.
As interior design, our approach was to combine many of clean, minimal, functional modern elements with vintage-county touches to create a conetemporary chic countryside atmpsphere expecially focusing on few texture and material, which recall the house typology, as tiles, coffered ceilings, simple lines and white lime palette.