A company who was re-brandeding its postion on the market commissioned us to relooking its office according its new marketing vision.
A primary goal for the project was to bring the office space habits to the forefront of thought, by their reconceptualization. The firm is a collaborative group of smart, trend, not conventional, devoted to work people who care a lot about their clients. These aspects we start from and we proposed breaking the traditional stiffness office style by dematerialising the company office typology in favour of workplace that exhibits aspects out of some house characteristics. The layout composition is organized around a multypourpose space to provide a variety of areas and destinations, which can be utilized for everything from private office working areas to informal clients meeting. Reception desk, a coffee bar, lounge area, working postations and relaxing corner follow one another without a hierarchical order to create environments that influence wellness and productivity. As far as interior design, opposite to “not formal” but “easygoing” layout, we chose formal warm style focusing on finishes and detail to create a dramatic interior. An increased emphasis on using varied and rich material vocabulary provide office with the opportunity to be cozy but at the same prestigious. Colors, patterns, materials are chosen and combined in a non-conventional way: resilient with soft, lavish marble texture coupled with rustic rug texture, wood with patinated bronze, bold palette with fade hue and so on to create a more varied, inspiring and personalized work environment.