Thanks to our experience in flexible architetcure, we were called to renovating the 65-square-metre ground floor garden facing apartment.
The client’s (a single woman) requirement was about a bright/chic and flexible space that includes the possibility of choosing different layouts prior to occupation (living space and a working space) as well as the ability to adjust it over time. It also includes the potential to incorporate new rooms spaces and new technologies over time and to change according to her emotional situation (couple, married, kids, divorced…), or even to completely change the flat use to something else.
While discussing about specific needs with customer the project comes out barely clear. The design aims to realize a space multufunctional with no specific purpose if not to provide scope for adaptation. The space is built around a central core where all facilities are grouped. This core is a sort of magic box whose walls open themselves and slide into flat’s volume to adapt and to personalize the space into different rooms or uses. The main area can be as a loft-unique-formal room, since it is open without partitions. However, it is evident that the central core position distinguishes space in modular volumes thanks to what an endlessly configurablility of the whole apartment is possible.
To ensure the fulfillment of clients’ demands we use an olistic modus operandi based on soft flexible approach. We worked a lot at the design stage; this has ensured the project has the design characteristic to embody spatial, structural, and service strategies, which allow the physical artefact a level of malleability in response to changing parameters over time. Thanks to that, the flat is absolutely resilient to obsolescence because it can adapt to different privacy, space, and use requirements.
The strong focus on the innovative approach was not only on project scale but also on interior design. We decide to use, in an innovative way, a rich colour and materials palette for this design concept: microtopping and walnut wood for floors, full-height sliding brass and glass walls, lavish colours and fine finishes treat walls as scenic background and perimeter cabinets. Altering fine texure materials with different reflective, shiny and opaque charateristics are the scheme to make the space feel larger than it really is.