The main request of the owner ’s house (built after the end of the 2nd world war) was to reunify the existing different apartments into a single housing unit where, the patriarchal family members would find their own spaces, both common and private, according to generations. Structurally, no consolidation was needed, so we intervened mainly to improve the performance of the building, facing north, and adapting it to the current energy standards. The high quality standard of living was guaranteed by: perimeter XPS insulation panels; ventilated wall with precise thermal break hooks; low emission tinted-glass wooden windows, Canadian well (geothermal natural air) ventilation system, condensing and heat recovery boiler. In order to remain in the heights prescribed, the attic isolation layer, reduced in thickness, is obtained through the use of vacuum insulated panels and with PCM (phase change materials) onto the pitch underside. The ground floor layout has been projected as the common area, where no rigid partitions, but sliding walls that could adapt rooms according to the needs. The other floors have been converted into spaces for the various generations and individual needs. In the basement, plant rooms and services have been set.