The project was a technical-athletic structure used for mountain sport in particular for free climbing; it is the first European public indoor equipment. The project structure is inserted in a special atypical preexisting building (palazzo a Vela designed in 1961 by Annibale and Giorgio Rigotti for the celebration of 100 years of the unification of Italy). The project reproduces, artificially, all the difficulties that may be encountered in climbing mountains, both in ice climbing surfaces (the couloirs, the rigole, the seracs and crevasses ) and in rocks side climbing (plates, chimneys, corners, edges, ridges and “roofs”) allowing users to face in total serenity (anchors of security, self-insurance, rings for attachment of carabiners, etc..) the typical difficulties of this sport and gain athletic training while practicing free climbing as amateur or as competitive. The structure has operated continuously until its demolition desired by the architect Gae Aulenti in order to transform the pala Vela into an ice skating rink for the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin. The structure was made of concrete, Perosa’s gneiss split slabs, wooden planks, S floor-system, profiled metal tubular frame, posts double-T and metal staircase .