The customers requested to renovate and convert the building into a wine lounge, characterized by soft and cozy atmospheres. The building, abandoned for 20 years , consisted of several small parts, erected in various times, characterized by different structures, typology and styles. Structurally it had serious static problems, floors and roofs were in poor condition and the skeleton shows lack of homogeneity (horizontal, vertical) among the parts. Initially the project was aimed at regenerating the structural deficiencies and to replace the no more efficient parts, by establishing a cooperative, correct and rigid constraints structure. The design maintained, inside, the valuable existent elements and, outside, the volumes and the relation with the urban stylistic-typology. Later we designed the layout to adapt spaces to the new commercial needs, and to realize continuity between inside-outside, so as to keep Menton bay overview the décor force piece.
About the atmosphere, in order to achieve the client’s desire, the interior design choice has favored the creation of a homogeneous environment, with a strong tactile component, dark and warm tones with a combination of a few elements of contrasting colors scattered around in order to create a contemporary evergreen room; the lighting is designed to be soft and precise on the details.