The client wanted to transform the hotel’s second lounge bar into a night club, a place where international worldly customers could meet and have good time; we were commissioned to carry out the new look of the space. The room should have distinguished spaces and characterized by an international fashion-glam style. The theme of the restaurant is the “champagne” in all its meanings (physical and emotional). As for the bar area, it was decided to create an atmosphere that recalls the perlage using golden tones and valuable, bright, translucent surfaces. In the reception area crystal cabinets (modern pupitres), in which millesimate bottles direct customers to the experience of the place. The tasting area (dosage), is gathered in intimate sitting spaces on the terrace overlooking the bay, it is characterized by silks and handmade furniture and soft lighting. The Privès calls up the sabrage , with Italian marble finishes, quilted leather capitonnè, fine silk curtains surround and protect an intimate area from strangers eyes.