The client’s requests, in order to create a kid-scale school, were accurate and precise: to meet the didactics and educational needs of a school based on autonomy, to ensure the best functional management and to allow a space implementation in the future, without interfering with teaching. As for children in kindergarten, socialization and discovery of the world around them are the school goals, the project is a structure, open both outwards and inwards, with flexible and interacting spaces able to adapt to the didactic and teaching needs. The project idea (inspired by the principles of the didactic unit) was the unit-module, that builds up a three-dimensionally structure that can be repeated, opened, closed and implemented at one time to create different educational spaces according to didactic program demands. The orientation has privileged openings facing east, to optimized the lighting during the school time and to take the most advantage of natural and renewable energetic sources. Glass curtain walls give the feeling of living outside in the nature 365 days a year. Brise soleils, solar panels, rainwater recovery systems, thermal recovery heating and natural ventilation allow the creation of a sustainable building with an excellent living quality .