A Webmaster agency specializing in web-design, design, web-art and web-graphics asked us to design an iconic building for their new headquarters. Further requests regarded the rooms’ type, size and the intercommunication between them. The building interior had to be comfortable and follow the latest theories about the psychological influence of the workplace environment. The lot is located in the suburb, near a highway entrance, and between a public park and a residential area.
The design concept is Portals (web, architectural, …). The building on an embankment, , is thought as a theory of stone portals interconnected with glass invisible frame walls. The orientation follows the cardinal points with large windows to provide optimal natural lighting, heating and park visual enjoyment. A climate greenhouse facing south allows the building to use solar heating in winter and the particular darkening strategies protect the workplaces from overheating in summer. Additional bioclimatic and design attentions, made it a sustainable building.