The existing structure of 1970’s, two story terraced house, had become outdated and high energy-consuming; it required significant modernisation to suit the owner needs: a midle age couple who want an one unit modern living house able to be easily converted into two unit house, each of them to be leaved an inheritance for their two sons.
One of the key aims of the renovation was the sustainable architecture. The improvement has to be both in high-energy efficency and in respect of nature as like as rainwater recovery, as geotermical heating and as maximize the connection between interior and external spaces including a new garden design.
The existing house had no quality, so it has been turned into contemporary villa while keeping the entire existing concrete structure and rebuilding external walls with the addition of energy-performance materials and an important insulating layer.
Flexible architecture is used here especially for plant and services design, to allow the future division. Based on client’s requests we use the soft flexible approach for technical plant and the hard flexible approach about plan. As flexible layout we mostly work on the ground floor with an open-plan scheme. Customizated pivoting and folding doors enables the kitchen, dining area, lounge and the foyer to open one each other and together directly onto decked platforms, path that extend these spaces into outdoor.
Rainwater Recovery was applied to all possible uses from gardening irrigation to wc flushes and washing machine. The rainwater treatment process consists of a wastewater pre-treatment stage and a natural biological depurative stage carried out by a horizontal flow phytodepuration system and we chose the Constructed wetland by macrophytes plants