The customer’s requests were about renovating entirely this penthouse while maintaining as much as possible the original features and decorations. The main demand was to turn the original layout into a comfortable and welcoming holiday flat, adapting it to the new clients’ needs. The décor should be light, contemporary and integrating some of the owners’ furniture of the thirties.
The design aims to create proportional relationships among parts and visual prospective with the goal to extend optically and physically the limited space. A cooperative glass structural wall and cutting edge technology, transform the existing bathroom into two comfortable rooms with natural light; at the same time the glass wall becomes a structure for bath fittings (shower and sink). The interior design is expressed in lighter hues and magnolia white and plays with natural and soft materials. The furnishings, made by Italian craftsmen, have been specially designed using both traditional (wood and marble) and contemporary (steel and glass) materials to achieve a cocoon atmosphere and optimize the space. To create a cozy and warm ambiance we boldly played with multiple source of light out of the most modern technology.