The project proposal is based on a graphical approach, repeating this approach that could best convey the meaning of the tega given both its positioning and the heterogeneous type of the fruitiva user. “The image must say more than a thousand words” and this is why the graphic idea of this commemorative plaque wants to remember (in a contemporary visual dimension), a historical moment little known to most, but not less important and tragically Experienced by the Alpini: the departure from Porta Nuova of the Alpine Tridentine for the Russian front.
The “strong” elements we have identified are: 1 the departure, 2 the arrival, 3 the sacrifice of the Tridentina in the snow and in the frost, 4 the feeling however Italian Alpini.
These 4 elements are ideally composed and create a new graphic image of “strong” visual impact: the white statuary marble slab of Carrara represents the Russian plain (2), on this slab a black engraving represents, in perspective, the track of the railway that “dies” in the distance (1). The track graphically becomes “Penna Nera” and the “nappina” becomes a hole in the same white slab, an ideal burial of Tridentina remembered by the badge on the bottom of the same hole that has the ring of the thickness colored red (3) . The slab of white marble is placed on a green plate (color of the alpine) on which the text of the tombstone is engraved. The chromatic set of the plate (white marble slab, the red edge of the hole and green background plate) recalls, in a non-trivial and obvious way, the Italian character of the tricolor (4).