We were asked to renovating the 45-square-metre apartment interior design and to cater to the owner requirement of a luxury and cosy space for unique living quarters. We could not intervene into apartment layout (the typical 40’s studiò where private space and common spaces are completely separated along the hallway connection)
The interior design’s aim was to create a dramatic male interior, putting together dynamic and contrast shapes, materials, textures and mixed functional space. Another design’s key is to interact sofisticated forniture, fine material with rough finishes and tecnique.
Materials are selected to complete a feeling of elegant and in combined with their emotional recall. The area of walls are ideal background for preciuos material as raw grounge pattern silk, raw hand craft-made fabrics, black burnished steel, dark mat marble. Motled grey celing with recessed spot ligts counterbalances the small room volume and lights correctly the living areas.
A sense of warmth is created by the combination of materials from fittings to pieces of forniture as like as walnut wood, grey quarz stone, curtain (silk, linen) and bronze lattice tanslucent slidind doors. Antique furnishings soften the overall decorative scheme.