Our firm was commissioned to update a 90’s refurbished flat. The apartment is designed with the objective of create a contemporary open spaces in maximum light according to the customer’s new use of each space during the daylife. Our design intent is to created a liquid space both able to accomodate an open-plan living space and different function areas as nedeed.
Because of the building type-plan, the project layout is developed on two wings sorrounding an open core living room. The divide between these two areas (wings and core) functions is not fix and it works as a large storage unit. Sliding doors, openable cabinets, in between functional spaces, surfaces finishes arrange the domestic spaces in to a fluid room apartment. Visual openess is the layout’s key that informed the arrangement of spaces within.
Warm neutral earthy mushroom shade is the main hue, it’s light enough to be neutral, but saturated enough to allow the color charming in every space. In each room, this mat lacquered Colour is cobined with different matter and materials as like as metal, decaped wood, fabrics to make out a subdued color scheme gives this minimal open-space a never the same atmosphere.