The heirs of this vigna (vigna is a local typical residential building that has developed between the 16th and 18th sc on Turin’s hills), subjected to rigid environmental and artistic restrictions, have contacted us twice in a raw, fist (after being divided into different housing units) to renovate the top floor and the attic in order to redistribute space into two representative apartments (for owners )and an artist’s atelier, then to redesign mutual parts and to realize: an underground garage, a swimming pool with adjoining pavilions, a greenhouse. About common parts, we decide to interpret typical vigna’s stylistic feature through a modern spirit. Materials are in line with the original ones. The Belvedere pavilion patterns have been applied to swimming pools dependences; the same swimming pool is designed calling out of peschiere (baroque fishing pool) patterns. Orography difference in height were leveled and turned into staircases and terraces reminiscing Italian gardens. As for the interior layout, it was decided to resume the Baroque scenographic approach and use connective spaces to obtain visual perspectives and diversified spatial backdrops.
On owner’s request we have not included photos.