plaque for the centenary of the ANA

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Targa per i cento anni dell'associazione nazionale alpini

plaque for the Russian Tridentina expedition

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targa per la tridentina

The project proposal is based on a graphical approach, repeating this approach that could best convey the meaning of the tega given both its positioning and the heterogeneous type of the fruitiva user. “The image must say more than a thousand words” and this is why the graphic idea of this commemorative plaque wants to remember (in a contemporary visual dimension), a historical moment little known to most, but not less important and tragically Experienced by the Alpini: the departure from Porta Nuova of the Alpine Tridentine for the Russian front.
The “strong” elements we have identified are: 1 the departure, 2 the arrival, 3 the sacrifice of the Tridentina in the snow and in the frost, 4 the feeling however Italian Alpini.
These 4 elements are ideally composed and create a new graphic image of “strong” visual impact: the white statuary marble slab of Carrara represents the Russian plain (2), on this slab a black engraving represents, in perspective, the track of the railway that “dies” in the distance (1). The track graphically becomes “Penna Nera” and the “nappina” becomes a hole in the same white slab, an ideal burial of Tridentina remembered by the badge on the bottom of the same hole that has the ring of the thickness colored red (3) . The slab of white marble is placed on a green plate (color of the alpine) on which the text of the tombstone is engraved. The chromatic set of the plate (white marble slab, the red edge of the hole and green background plate) recalls, in a non-trivial and obvious way, the Italian character of the tricolor (4).

apartment vidc

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salotto minimalista con arredi iconici

Renovation of a bourgeois apartment from the end of the nineteenth century with complete spatial redistribution. The apartment had to be minimalist on the black and white combination. The customer’s request was to create a space where doors did not exist, which is why we designed pivoting and retractable walls. To give bold personality to the room, all the surface finishes are material (cement, quicklime, artisanal paint), the parquet is made to measure in both size and dye and the minimal furnishings are iconic pieces.

marble and wood

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salotto con pareti in marmo di carrara e porte in noce

the project completely changed the floor plan of the apartment to satisfy the owners’ requests to create an environment where the entire extended family could spend their holidays together, but each family unit had autonomous privacy spaces. The design created rooms with differentiated privacy, from suites (for individual families) to common rooms (for the extended family). Interior design works on the contrast between two antagonistic materials: Carrara marble and Canaletto walnut wood. Cold (marble) and warm (wood) alternate to create fresh but warm environments. The furniture is upholstered with linens and fabrics that are pleasant to the touch

apartment salino

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salotto con divano da centro e caminetto in bronzo

The intervention in this apartment was aimed at creating a representative space in each room, maximizing every detail to amaze. The client’s requests were to create a home that would be a scenario in which they could receive. The spatial configuration favored large spaces with a modern layout, while for the interior design flashy but elegant materials were chosen and played on the sensorial-aesthetic contrast. Marble and bronze are the construction keys to the decoration of each room, while an ad hoc lighting system allows you to create evocative atmospheres that vary throughout the day; Iconic furniture completes the ensemble to define an spacewith an international style

apartment 90

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salotto con grande tavolo rotondo

the owner wanted to reconfigure her apartment to give more space to the living area where she could welcome her large family especially for convivial lunches. The living area was created as an open space, while for the interiors the requests were to create room that recalled the 90s characterized by a primary two-tone black and white. Saturated colors and warm tones and furniture with primary shapes and generous upholstery define the interior design intervention.

apartment MC

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camera da letto con letto king size e testiera imbottita

a two-room apartment from the 1970s has been reconfigured to create a nest for a young family; given the configuration and dimensions of the rooms, the project favored the functions overlapping to maximize space and create multi-tasking environments capable of satisfying the needs of a family and their evolution over time. As regards the choices of the interiors, stunning materials with a strong tactile component and soft textures (Coarsely woven fabrics, richly grained woods, homogeneous marbles) are the key elements to create welcoming and multifunctional furnishings.

vdc home

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bagno moderno minimale

An the early twentieth century apartment with a U-shaped floor plan was renovated to adapt the floor plan to the needs of a young couple who wanted to transform the space into a minimal “loft”, but with the possibility of having autonomous functional areas. The design removed all fixed non-structural partitions and created mobile dividers which could, based on the owners’ wishes, reconfigure the space from an open space distribution to a more traditional one with divided roomaccordind to their function.

at swimming pool

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piscina inserita nel giardino con forme morbide e naturali

the proget designs the external spaces of a noble country residence from the early 1600s to adapt it to the extended family new needs. The goal of the proget was to insert a swimming pool and reconfiguring the the small garden overlooking the secondary wing. the swimming pool, with soft and natural shapes, takes shape from the naturalistic and architectural elements present in the garden. Corten allowed contemporary elements to interact with historical architecture. a vertical garden has redeveloped the rural façade of the wing. new cobblestone paving, corten tubs and minimalist fountains have created a play of references between past and present to define a contemporary environment but not separated from its historical past

lobby hotel

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lobby d'hotel con muri in marmo nero, porte in vetro con lino ed un divano lineare

The owner aimed to relooking the lobby of his boutique hotel while maintaining some existing elements such as the cast iron columns, some paintings and furnishing accessories that had been inserted by the owners’ ancestors when the hotel was built decades ago. The choice was to recreate a welcoming and soft atmosphere in which a sense of sophistication transpired. Soft tactile materials, woven marbles drowned in glass have dialogued with classic furnishing accessories to define a comfortable receiving space.

chalet Shou Sugi Ban

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le facciate della dependance i shou sugi ban

the owner of a small seaside cottage contacted us to give the building an external makeover. in dialogue with the client, our choice was to modernize the style and give a more contemporary shape to the façades. On an aesthetic level we covered the facades with wood treated with the ancient Japanese technique of Shou Sugi Ban, which makes the wood unalterable to atmospheric agents and fireproof. a small landscaping intervention reconfigured the garden adjacent to the building

apartment E

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camino con chaise longue i velluto d0rato e muri in rivestimento metallico

Inside a bourgeois house from the early twentieth century, the design sought to maintain the stylistic connotations of the building but in a modern way. Unusual material elements such as metal are declined in different solutions to interact with more classic materials such as wood and velvet.

apartment ROSE

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The apartment is a space for living, but above all for receiving on high standing profile; the connotation of representation was the common thread that defined all our aesthetic choices. about aesthetic, classic references and material elements create an environment reach of suggestions and scenic points of view, all of which structures an interior with a bolt personality. Dark colors and lavish chromatic accents dialogue with natural materials as like as classic furnishing accessories interact with contemporary works of art both in a mix of ancient and modern to built up room with an international feel but always living in the contemporaneity.


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salotto con un muri realizzati con tegole vecchie e listelli in legno

the top floor of a former factory has been transformed into a standing penthouse characterized by very high quality and aesthetic levels. The requests were to create a comfortableliving space, but one that was representative and had oriental ethnic references. Quality materials and a tailor-made design of every detail have defined a hospitable and warm space in which it is possible to both host and experience family daily life.


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sala d'attesa dalle finiture tessili

Our goal was to give new expressiveness, the intervention was finalized to make new conception working spaces that abandoned the classic typology of the tertiary sector for a warmer and more familiar environment: for this reason, aesthetic and compositions that recalled those of homes. the luxury finishes characterize the interiors, and we have favored textile elements (given the strong connotation of textiles in the history of the city) and designer furnishings especially bespoken onces.

natur home

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bagno con lavandino e pavimento in marmo e carta da pararti ad affresco

the design focused on a spatial reconfiguration to generatewide privacy spaces in the sleeping area (rooms with private bathroom) and to give more room to the living area where all spaces are mutually intercommunicating . finishes are chosen for their matter and tactile appeal and the and priority was for the natural onces. The clients’ desire was to recreate a living space that was closely linked to the genius loci, but with contemporary connotations.

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la casa dallo stile contemporaneo con una piscina e un giardino moderno

The project started with an unconventional request, within a very tight budget, to build a house that can change in space and in funtion, incorporating long-term social considerations to fit ownwer unknow future changing or needs, as they grow older or lose full mobility.
The clients – old open-minded couple– wanted a home for retirement as a strong counterpoint to their actualy downtown house. Talking with the owners, the idea was to enclose indoor rooms as little as possible to maintain the sense of outdoorlife and have a space completely focused on garden and sorrounding nature.
As a design principle, we brings time and change to the forefront of thought, by their reconceptualization. We focus on a balanced design approach between hard and soft flexible architecture who makes the housing project more resilient to obsolescence because it allows for the optimization of space (from the level of an individual unit typology to renting house units, to a co-housing unit…) and from one point in time to the entire lifecycle of the building.
Inside the volume, space is project to meet different scale functionality so it be used for any variety of activities: sleeping, gathering, lounging, renting room, mononuclear or recomposed family. The purpose of this project is flow of space without hard interruption. Storage unit and custom cabinet rearrange housing configuration that can adapt itself to different privacy, space, and use requirements.
The interior design choice was keeping on basic and working on primary colours, as white (for wall-cabinet and ceiling) and shades of saturated grey (for gres tiles continuum flooring and doors). According to this approach the aesthetic and decorative component is delegated to the composition of volumes, to the incidence of light (natural and artificial) on architectural fittings, to the relation among doors and movable element.

paguro bernardo

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la foto rappresenta la sala ristorante, con la volta a botte in mattoni medioevali. le sedute sono in pelle e i rivestimenti parietali in legno e vetro a decori geometrici retroilluminato.

Renovation project of a twelfth sc cellar. The aim of the design was to transform the historical spaces in a wine bar. The interior design project was intended to create a cosy atmosphere and up-to-date style: the idea was to merge the original charm and distinctive stylistic elements of local (brick vaults, bricks wall) with a modern and international touch.

apartment BI

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salotto doppio con parete dinamica divisoria

The commission of the project came together with the explicit requires of two different, but complementary, use of the flat’s space and not seldom their common existence in the place: flat has to welcome period for single social life as like as period for single parent family life. So common areas and son’s private room are to be integrated in the same small housing unit.

Spatial and aesthetic scheme ambience with different functions was the goals to achieve, so we staged out our considerations avoiding traditional typologies. Talking with client we wanted to design a flat that in soul representher the innovatively/particular family relationship, so the the idea of movement and sharing formed the backbone of the concept. Openness blends different functional spaces such as living room, kitchen and bedroom around by creating a structure made up of dynamic modular elements.

The architectural strategy was to devise a succession of spaces with no specifical use, gathered in a sharable or whole composition by assembles custum furniture modules that seclude some areas from the adjacent once, as needed. At the same time, the modules opening themselves towards scenic views of the apartment. This modular structure enhances the spatial concept of the house, creates interesting visual effects, definine a sequence of open and enclosed spaces and could increasing owner’s privacy (as need could transform part of the living room into the private child room when he lives at mother’s home).

Interior design have been guided by playful and vibrant composition of hue and texture; calm colours palette based on elegant pearl white hue converse with warm with intimate dark-stained smoked oak (floor and modular cabinet) and lavish accent (leather cushions, metal shelves,  velours).

studiò MNT

Pubblicato il 27-01-2017
il salotto con l'angolo divano posizionato sotto la parete finestra a nastro.

We were asked to renovating the 45-square-metre apartment interior design and to cater to the owner requirement of a luxury and cosy space for unique living quarters. We could not intervene into apartment layout (the typical 40’s studiò where private space and common spaces are completely separated along the hallway connection)
The interior design’s aim was to create a dramatic male interior, putting together dynamic and contrast shapes, materials, textures and mixed functional space. Another design’s key is to interact sofisticated forniture, fine material with rough finishes and tecnique.
Materials are selected to complete a feeling of elegant and in combined with their emotional recall. The area of walls are ideal background for preciuos material as raw grounge pattern silk, raw hand craft-made fabrics, black burnished steel, dark mat marble. Motled grey celing with recessed spot ligts counterbalances the small room volume and lights correctly the living areas.
A sense of warmth is created by the combination of materials from fittings to pieces of forniture as like as walnut wood, grey quarz stone, curtain (silk, linen) and bronze lattice tanslucent slidind doors. Antique furnishings soften the overall decorative scheme.

m house

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appartamento minimal flessibile, capace di configurarsi diversamente a seconda delle nuove necessità dei proprietari

“We want a flat capables of being or becoming fit often by modification. A living space that change concurrently as our working and emotional couple life do.” That was the strictly statement comes out from our client. Our goals it has to project a room that has in its design the characteristic to embody spatial, structural and service strategies, which allow the physical space a level of malleability in response to changing needs over time. We work alot along customer thoughts and that’s make us chose a Soft Flexibility approche because it allows the client themselves to change the layout to accommodate the emerging needs or new functional patterns without tying the apartment spatial configuration according planimetric schemes defined a priori and we design a circular flow of space around the flat’s heart (fireplace-library-main plants). This Flexibile architecture aproach allows the space to adjust to changing needs (personal, practical…) and patterns (demographic, economic, or health-care..), both technological, private and emotionals. There are no fixed funcion area, apart the kitchen, so different areas could be modified in times. New bathoom could be relized in the future, thanks to already realized strategic plant configuration.
Custom-made wooden insulated cabinetry create divisions within the home and they manage future layouts. The fixed partition (bathroom and fireplace’s volume) were drywall made and realized easy to modify. Sliding doors, openable cabinery doors and custom modular cabinet partition are the way to changing easily the flat configuration, both in single room scale or in all flat surface.
To avoid cluttering, appliances are built-in cabinetry ensuring that the home remains uncluttered and free to change within maximised the space.
The apartment’s aesthetic reflects the choice of clean at first sight approach, so minimalist style had been chosen. A saturated warm shadow of eggshell white is the vertical hue that match perfectly with the hard azobè continuous wood floor, metal and dark spotlight element are introduced to give richness to all.

2.15 house

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casa in stile miminalista a forma di rettangolo ad un piano inserita in un giardino con camminamenti e sentieri dalel forme organiche

The project started with an unconventional request, within a very tight budget, to build a house that can change in space and in funtion, incorporating long-term social considerations to fit ownwer unknow future changing or needs, as they grow older or lose full mobility.
The clients – old open-minded couple– wanted a home for retirement as a strong counterpoint to their actualy downtown house. Talking with the owners, the idea was to enclose indoor rooms as little as possible to maintain the sense of outdoorlife and have a space completely focused on garden and sorrounding nature.
As a design principle, we brings time and change to the forefront of thought, by their reconceptualization. We focus on a balanced design approach between hard and soft flexible architecture who makes the housing project more resilient to obsolescence because it allows for the optimization of space (from the level of an individual unit typology to renting house units, to a co-housing unit…) and from one point in time to the entire lifecycle of the building.
Inside the volume, space is project to meet different scale functionality so it be used for any variety of activities: sleeping, gathering, lounging, renting room, mononuclear or recomposed family. The purpose of this project is flow of space without hard interruption. Storage unit and custom cabinet rearrange housing configuration that can adapt itself to different privacy, space, and use requirements.
The interior design choice was keeping on basic and working on primary colours, as white (for wall-cabinet and ceiling) and shades of saturated grey (for gres tiles continuum flooring and doors). According to this approach the aesthetic and decorative component is delegated to the composition of volumes, to the incidence of light (natural and artificial) on architectural fittings, to the relation among doors and movable element.

maison du maitre

Pubblicato il 25-01-2017
salotto di una casa storica di stile barocco

we was requested by ownwers (an young couple) to refurbishing an old fashion maison du maitre into a new residence which would be sensitive to the genius loci, whilst maximising the contemporary living needs and to create an international lifestyle atmosfere.

Our design’s objective was to create an ambinace that is rooted in history, while at the same time totally modern. For this, as architects, as well as designers, we use our competence and olistic point of view, as trait d’union to meet and merge the old shelter with the new interiors.

Our approach was to combine many of the original elements with modern touches to create a space with an elegant, contemporary, yet unique feeling. We preserves historical aspects of house (such as exposed architectural fittings, select plaster decoraction, the in-line plan layout) while adding new funtional servicies (kitchen, bathrooms, plants…); the decoration scheme recalls traditional ones, while the interior design ensamble works on new proportion, simple grafic elements, contemporary material, assemblies, game of proportions and contrast. The tecnique of overlayed layouts is the one who creates the link between its historic shell and contemporary interior featured; furniture are made from a mix of materials and arranged in a cool scenic ambinace and are combined by custom pieces, ready made and antique one.

p house

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riqualificazione di un edifio energivoro con impianto di fitodepurazione per recupero acque piovane. la casa ha una faccata moderna contemporanea con tettoie in aggetto e grandi porte finestre scorrevi a tutta parete

The existing structure of 1970’s, two story terraced house, had become outdated and high energy-consuming; it required significant modernisation to suit the owner needs: a midle age couple who want an one unit modern living house able to be easily converted into two unit house, each of them to be leaved an inheritance for their two sons.
One of the key aims of the renovation was the sustainable architecture. The improvement has to be both in high-energy efficency and in respect of nature as like as rainwater recovery, as geotermical heating and as maximize the connection between interior and external spaces including a new garden design.
The existing house had no quality, so it has been turned into contemporary villa while keeping the entire existing concrete structure and rebuilding external walls with the addition of energy-performance materials and an important insulating layer.
Flexible architecture is used here especially for plant and services design, to allow the future division. Based on client’s requests we use the soft flexible approach for technical plant and the hard flexible approach about plan. As flexible layout we mostly work on the ground floor with an open-plan scheme. Customizated pivoting and folding doors enables the kitchen, dining area, lounge and the foyer to open one each other and together directly onto decked platforms, path that extend these spaces into outdoor.
Rainwater Recovery was applied to all possible uses from gardening irrigation to wc flushes and washing machine. The rainwater treatment process consists of a wastewater pre-treatment stage and a natural biological depurative stage carried out by a horizontal flow phytodepuration system and we chose the Constructed wetland by macrophytes plants

shed r

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la casa un vecchio edificio per attrezzi ristrutturato pur mentendo lo charme tipologico dell'edificio

This project is a renovation of a 1902 rural farm hut. The intention was to turn the existing construction, a “pastiche” of small individual spaces added later, into a contemporary house with clean plus modern lines and confortable spaces.
The home had been built up with a mix of masonry blocks and some parts with concrete frame. Keeping with the tight budget, most out of the total construction cost was for securing the bearing structure.
Starting from a poor existing space in dimension and quality, with no clear connection to outside, our design aim was to turn the construction into a radically different layout and design, revealing confort rooms, adding value to building while preserve historical hillside typology charme. In addition, our design has tended to rebuild the relationship between indoor and outdoor spaces (the garden and the wiev on surrounding hills).
The most important gesture was to redesig the plan and open up the ground floor towards the garden by shifting the entrance side and transform the existing windows into door-window. The ground floor is reserved for the living and daylife quarters while first floor houses the private spaces.
As interior design, our approach was to combine many of clean, minimal, functional modern elements with vintage-county touches to create a conetemporary chic countryside atmpsphere expecially focusing on few texture and material, which recall the house typology, as tiles, coffered ceilings, simple lines and white lime palette.

flexible b.o.x.

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il cuore dell'appartamento la scatola magica in lamiera metallica ottonata e finitura materica delle superfici ad intonaco

Thanks to our experience in flexible architetcure, we were called to renovating the 65-square-metre ground floor garden facing apartment.
The client’s (a single woman) requirement was about a bright/chic and flexible space that includes the possibility of choosing different layouts prior to occupation (living space and a working space) as well as the ability to adjust it over time. It also includes the potential to incorporate new rooms spaces and new technologies over time and to change according to her emotional situation (couple, married, kids, divorced…), or even to completely change the flat use to something else.
While discussing about specific needs with customer the project comes out barely clear. The design aims to realize a space multufunctional with no specific purpose if not to provide scope for adaptation. The space is built around a central core where all facilities are grouped. This core is a sort of magic box whose walls open themselves and slide into flat’s volume to adapt and to personalize the space into different rooms or uses. The main area can be as a loft-unique-formal room, since it is open without partitions. However, it is evident that the central core position distinguishes space in modular volumes thanks to what an endlessly configurablility of the whole apartment is possible.
To ensure the fulfillment of clients’ demands we use an olistic modus operandi based on soft flexible approach. We worked a lot at the design stage; this has ensured the project has the design characteristic to embody spatial, structural, and service strategies, which allow the physical artefact a level of malleability in response to changing parameters over time. Thanks to that, the flat is absolutely resilient to obsolescence because it can adapt to different privacy, space, and use requirements.
The strong focus on the innovative approach was not only on project scale but also on interior design. We decide to use, in an innovative way, a rich colour and materials palette for this design concept: microtopping and walnut wood for floors, full-height sliding brass and glass walls, lavish colours and fine finishes treat walls as scenic background and perimeter cabinets. Altering fine texure materials with different reflective, shiny and opaque charateristics are the scheme to make the space feel larger than it really is.

SBR flat

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bagno con vasca incassata e mobile lavello appeso. il pavimento è in mosaico

The 70’s flat layout was too much out of date for ownwer’s needs so she call us to design a new space where all the circulation movements are concentrated in the central room. No corridor or minimal functional division: the space has to be seen at first sight. We were asked to realize not an open space and none openable partitions but a plan with night and day function clearly distinguishes where sleeping room and performing specialized function room had to be more independent.
The plan design out a central hall links all the access relations from the middle of the flats. A room that accounts for more than half of the flat’s area. It is shaped in smaller intersecting rectangular areas to allow simultaneously different function use without closing the room global vision. We work on wall texture (modern geometry recalling classic patterns) and finishing (as giclee printed mural) to merge client’s eclectic style pieces of forniture.

VDC flat

Pubblicato il 24-01-2017

Our firm was commissioned to update a 90’s refurbished flat. The apartment is designed with the objective of create a contemporary open spaces in maximum light according to the customer’s new use of each space during the daylife. Our design intent is to created a liquid space both able to accomodate an open-plan living space and different function areas as nedeed.
Because of the building type-plan, the project layout is developed on two wings sorrounding an open core living room. The divide between these two areas (wings and core) functions is not fix and it works as a large storage unit. Sliding doors, openable cabinets, in between functional spaces, surfaces finishes arrange the domestic spaces in to a fluid room apartment. Visual openess is the layout’s key that informed the arrangement of spaces within.
Warm neutral earthy mushroom shade is the main hue, it’s light enough to be neutral, but saturated enough to allow the color charming in every space. In each room, this mat lacquered Colour is cobined with different matter and materials as like as metal, decaped wood, fabrics to make out a subdued color scheme gives this minimal open-space a never the same atmosphere.

CT office

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A company who was re-brandeding its postion on the market commissioned us to relooking its office according its new marketing vision.
A primary goal for the project was to bring the office space habits to the forefront of thought, by their reconceptualization. The firm is a collaborative group of smart, trend, not conventional, devoted to work people who care a lot about their clients. These aspects we start from and we proposed breaking the traditional stiffness office style by dematerialising the company office typology in favour of workplace that exhibits aspects out of some house characteristics. The layout composition is organized around a multypourpose space to provide a variety of areas and destinations, which can be utilized for everything from private office working areas to informal clients meeting. Reception desk, a coffee bar, lounge area, working postations and relaxing corner follow one another without a hierarchical order to create environments that influence wellness and productivity. As far as interior design, opposite to “not formal” but “easygoing” layout, we chose formal warm style focusing on finishes and detail to create a dramatic interior. An increased emphasis on using varied and rich material vocabulary provide office with the opportunity to be cozy but at the same prestigious. Colors, patterns, materials are chosen and combined in a non-conventional way: resilient with soft, lavish marble texture coupled with rustic rug texture, wood with patinated bronze, bold palette with fade hue and so on to create a more varied, inspiring and personalized work environment.

apartment mpf

Pubblicato il 22-07-2015

The demand of the clients was to renovate the common areas of the apartment to realize both a new roomy, comfortable kitchen as integration of the living room plus an owner’s office area and implement as much as possible the bookshelves spaces.
As regards the interior design the strict requirements was that the new interventions (especially the kitchen) had to be characterized by a modern design with pure lines, but integrating and interacting with the antique furniture in the flat without altering the original classic style décor.

plage exagone

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The structure consists of eight truss portals; the stiffening is achieved by a continuous edge beam; Since the location does not enjoy good natural ventilation, at the tie beam intrados, a permeable non-woven fabric false ceiling creates a ventilated gap to avoid overheating during the hottest hours. The structure, in order to be removable, is made of profiled steel cladded by Cipo wood (materials chosen for their physical-mechanical characteristics). The entire structure rests on reinforced concrete slab. Due to the strong competition with other bathing facilities, for the interior design the idea was to characterize the structure with a style in opposition to that of the competition .So we opted for a modern, minimal style characterized by warm tones, with decorative high tech elements.

office building

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A Webmaster agency specializing in web-design, design, web-art and web-graphics asked us to design an iconic building for their new headquarters. Further requests regarded the rooms’ type, size and the intercommunication between them. The building interior had to be comfortable and follow the latest theories about the psychological influence of the workplace environment. The lot is located in the suburb, near a highway entrance, and between a public park and a residential area.
The design concept is Portals (web, architectural, …). The building on an embankment, , is thought as a theory of stone portals interconnected with glass invisible frame walls. The orientation follows the cardinal points with large windows to provide optimal natural lighting, heating and park visual enjoyment. A climate greenhouse facing south allows the building to use solar heating in winter and the particular darkening strategies protect the workplaces from overheating in summer. Additional bioclimatic and design attentions, made it a sustainable building.

aia terraced hoses

Pubblicato il 21-07-2015

The firm was asked to project five residential units, terraced houses, set in a rural area and with special zoning restrictions. Thanks to the excellent lot exposure, the project idea was not to follow the linear development, but to misalign each residential unit ,so that everyone would enjoy the maximum solar radiation and avoid the vis-à-vis. The layout, especially on the ground floor, was determined by ensuring the greatest natural lighting and heating during the winter. To recall the local rural house type, the buildings fronts and their heights were misaligned and diversified; materials (in sight face brick, wooden planks blinds, …) are the same as the surrounding buildings. The housing plan revisits the traditional local farms layout and proposes a contemporary and ecological aia (typical piedmont’s farm courtyard).

flexibility: case study

Pubblicato il 17-07-2015

This project is a case study, developed in the university environment (Polytechnic of Turin, Faculty of Architecture),aimed at the research ,through an innovative approach, of a new housing model able to maintain, for as long as possible ,the uppermost layout capacity to satisfy requests of users, whose characteristics and needs change over time and in different ways. In order to have the widest applicability, the case study focused on the emblematic example of a mixed-use building, set onto a small-irregular size lot in a particular uneven stylistically urban context, which is strongly characterized by stylish, historical, topography and urban features. The project is a flexible architecture.
The project core has been the “mechanism” enabling rooms to get the best flexibility as possible. No fixed partition wall but “filtering elements” (containers), thanks to their modular and reassembled structure, allow to open, close, adjust or create new layouts within the same housing unit, without masonry work. At the compositional level, in order to create dynamic spaces interacting with each other, the spatial continuity theme was kept in building layout in which, different distributions of plan can interact and flow one into the other through non-opaque and open “skins ”.Those in the southern sides, create a bioclimatic greenhouse which allows, on one side, to exploit renewable resources, as a source of internal conditioning and, on the other ,to create a developing space outside the housing unit. Void plants have been designed to be implementable as needed. The project concept is the SECRET GARDEN: a natural, sunny but introverted place, protected by a perimeter wall that filters and separates the outside (the city, the foreignness) from inside (personal living space, the privacy, the intimacy…).

shoa’ memorial

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Our evolutionary growth, both as individuals and as collectivity, is based on the experiences that we do; what we live it marks us, it touches us, it leave traces into us which, if not forgotten, sediments in us and built our knowledge. The memorial wants therefore to be a moment of experience both as “zakhòr” and as for those who, for culture, for religion, for age or time, had no personal experience of the Shoah, so they metaphorically can have an experience of it. The feelings of alienation, of loss of every safety, of loss of every certain reference, of suffering… experienced by the deportees are subjective experiences, but if symbolically expressed they can become a shared and common path to all mankind. Through this way man acquires in himself, through direct contact, what was experienced by others. From this experience questions and reasoning arise that allow man to increase his own knowledge and become more wise and righteous.
The memorial is meant to symbolize the experience of the ascesis’ journey towards the Justice (God) that man does, through the constraints, obstacles, difficulties imposed upon him.
The memorial is a stairway without rules and regulations, scattered by “stumbling”, where the passer-by is brought from his “default” world (the existing square’s steps), through a journey that subverts the building’s structural and natural order and that creates a constrictive feeling of uncertainty, of uneasiness, until he gets onto a panoramic terrace where to have a different perspective and to recognize the Beauty of creation both divine and human. The passer-by, climbing the staircase, will be in a rough and uneven way neither easy nor clear: Steps, with differences in heights, in form, rotate among them of a 6 degrees angle and they are gathered in 10 groups of 7 steps each. From staircase’s inside giants elements come up, like thorns, which make more oppressive the ascent way and divide the space into 3 routes and 22 connections. Only in the last set of steps, regulars and without thorns, the staircase will allow access to the panoramic terrace from which you contemplate The Beauty in the urban landscape. Unlike the ascent from the panoramic terrace you will be have a different awareness of the staircase (world) that will allow you to recognize in it the correct walk (made by ergonomic steps). Shapes and numbers that give the composition of the stairway are highly symbolic of Jewish culture, but their impact is noticeable in many other cultures. The staircase will have metal carpentry structure; inside the staircase will be clad in Corten for his recall to the clotted blood+rust color and for its easy maintenance. The external walls will recall site characteristics so to “integrate” into it and to better hide what happens on the inside in such way that only when you are already inside you have the true knowledge of what happens.

apartment mt

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The owner requested our intervention(architecture and interior design) to recover the attic of his house and make it into an independent housing units. The central access was a limiting factor for the layout. Planimetrically, we intervened with very few modifications, technically, instead interventions have been carried out on the perimeter insulation, and the volumes ,have been adjusted to current standards. Upon customer’s requests the interior design, has chosen an eclectic-contemporary style, where classic furnishings match with modern design elements. To get deep and live coloration to enrich rooms ,great attention has been given to the wall finishes, using both historical and material techniques. The cabinets have been tailored and in wall continuity to expand the space. Materials (national woods, velvet, leather, gold leaf …) were chosen solely for their visual and tactile qualities in order to recall the charm and the atmosphere of “vigna” and the style of surrounding manors.

cà fioma

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The firm was contacted for the first time in 1986 to renovate this farmhouse (dating back to 1906) according to the needs of an extended family, and, again in 2004, by the same owner, to adapt the building to the new mononuclear family structure and to redesign the interiors with a project that interacts with the existent furniture (70’s design and pieces from end of 19th century) and the owner’s collections. Because of the versatility and variety of the pieces and for the purpose of giving décor unity, we have intervened with a transversal approach, combining the exhibit theories and the compositional techniques of the material art. Concerning interior design, furnishings are arranged in order to create a feeling of naturalness and casual disposition, satisfying the customer’s request of an apparent minimization of intervention. The project focus was the use of the surfaces, which are characterized by attention to detail and to craftsmanship historical technique, becoming the sculptural backdrop for collections. Colors, techniques and materials have been chosen philologically in relation to the elements they had to exhibit. The layout has been redesigned to adapt the sleeping areas, no longer exploited, in day complementary rooms (library, study, ..) and the creation of a space in the heart of the house, for receiving and “being together with friends”; the private rooms have been repositioned on the side areas.

villa beati natta

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the project was about restructuring and changing the use of a traditional Aosta Valley building dating back to 1930. The project involved the total renovation of the roofs, the consolidation of the perimeter structures and the internal reallocation , in order to realize nine classrooms, a teachers’ room, a headmaster’s room, two laboratories and a library. Thermal, water, electricity plants and toilets were made from scratch in accordance with national regulations. The project design has also affected the outdoor area with a new perimeter fence, new access paving, a playground with play equipment, new planting of high trunk trees and new green grass surface.

apartment RUS

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The owner initial briefing was to recreate as much as possible the splendor and style of his homeland (Russia). Repeating traditional style of the “Tsarist Russia” with appropriate scale into a small size apartment would have been a banal and rhetoric effect, so, after discussions, it was decided with the customer to abandon the traditional decorative manner, but focus on an evocative approach, where the grandeur would transpire by the intelligent use of rare materials, by the custom made realizations and by the use of modern technologies. Marble, leather, OLED panels, specially designed furniture, steel mirrors, silks and velvets, create a set of references to the owner’s homeland , while realizing a sophisticated and unique atmosphere.

alfa theater

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The room of 700 square meters, located on the ground floor below the parish of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament, is a reinforced concrete building dating back to 1920. Initially it was used as a parish theater with 350 places (250 in the stalls and 100 in the gallery), in the postwar period it was transformed into a cinema and it worked until 1965. No longer used since 1966, the abandoned volume suffered a sharp decline. The complete renovation project involved the whole lot adjusting and adapting it to the safety standards in force. The structural works have eliminated the gallery (not accessible for the lack of emergency exits), reduced the capacity of the auditorium down to 200 seats; the soundproof was achieved with sound-absorbing paneling (ceiling and wall). New safety exits were created according to standards; a foyer, entrances and toilets were built or redone in order to make the complex independent from the overlying building. The stage and the theatrical structures needed (dressing rooms, locker rooms, services and access to self-actors) were rebuilt . The electrical installations, plumbing, heating and air changes were completely redone. Equipped with a fire proof Sprinkel system and all the prefectural rules relating to security regarding chairs, curtains, coverings, upholstery and furniture. Theater Alpha got the practicability in 1992 and it is currently in use.


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We were called to reshape the lobby for a medical office. Our idea was to create an open space where the sun rays pass through to light up the otherwise artificially illuminated hallway. Compositionally it was decided to resume the comfortable patterns of dwelling. The sitting elements are not put in a continuity session, but are scattered here and there in accordance with the proxemics theories in order to create specific personal spaces, avoiding aseptic feeling of an anonymous space. Rather light colors, materials with soft natural texture, and comfortable volumes were chosen to create a peaceful and informal ambiance.

maison pieds dans l’eau

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The owners were looking for a place next the sea where to build their dream: a waterfront home; while visiting the current site, they fell in love with the location, the view, the natural environment and they chose it. The project aimed to realize their dream in the loved site. The idea is an outward projected house in which the sensation of living in full nature ,with feet in the water, was the goal . The central element of the project is the pool perimeter around the house ,which gives the impression that it is floating on water. To fulfill the customers’ wishes to realize a sustainable house, the swimming pool was designed as a biotope environment, with a vertical flow with hydrophytes free water system. The structure was made only with environmental friendly materials, selected from the cutting edge technology and passive house principles have been applied to the project ,to reach an average annual energy consumption less than 40KWH.

cottage D.M.

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The client was looking for a drastic change from the status quo (a 55 square meters house of the 50’s). The project has increased the housing area: enlarging with two comfortable bathrooms and expanding the living area with a new kitchen structure opened on the living room and integrated to it. Structurally, the extension works were carried out in technical continuity with the original building (concrete and brick walls). To meet the customer’s wishes (cancel the feeling between the inside and the outside) doors and windows were custom made, maximizing the glass area. In order to get the best enjoyment of plein-air life, the outdoor area has been adapted to create an open space in continuity with the living room and enriched by differentiated use areas (dependances, gazebo, walk-in shower, shed for tools …). Stylistically: the Provencal style has been abandoned for the benefit of a contemporary and timeless style. The interior design has favored square shapes, without pronounced stylistic references, and natural materials; The colors are inspired by the original colors of the materials; tissues are hand woven linen and not dyed. The kitchen cabinets, weeded out of any typical kitchen feature reference, were custom-made to integrate them in the living room and interact with furnishings.

apartment ch.o.ud

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The clients wanted to redecorate a loft made in an old mercantile store (seventeenth century) into a contemporary apartment, where the generating element was the material. The interior design focused on the use of raw materials in which their technical and structural characteristics become the decorative texture of the apartment. Basic forms of Italian furniture and a clever lighting design complement the decor.

mayson du pay

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The clients had purchased two small and very close cottages, included within the urban structure of the village, their intention was to unite them into a pleasant summer stay house. Given the patchy floor plan, composed by the cottages and cabanons (for tool and service), the project idea was a “village inside the village”: maintain and renovate the cabanons so as to achieve, the idea of being in a small village district. The two cottages are joined by breaking down the dividing wall, thus creating a day space large enough to receive. The cabanons become the annexes for the guest rooms and pavilions of services (pool and garage). The south garden, the largest of the two, allows the construction of a swimming pool and a barbecue area. The renovation has maintained the Provence charm and has used local architecture materials and structures.

villa b

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After an initial request for a landscape project, the task was expanded on interior design to ensure stylistic continuity between outside and inside. The requests were to transform the garden and the house to create a modern and contemporary style, to realize on the small area, a swimming pool, a solarium, a relaxing spot and a private guest terrace; building codes prohibited to alter the house status quo. The project made good use of available space, realizing a linear pool exploiting the greater perimeter length; this allowed us to obtain a surface to insert, in continuity, a jacuzzi. A waterfall wall expands visually the water space and integrates the relaxation area. Perimeters hedges of different shapes, height, and essences give depth to the garden. To create a modern style of a traditional architecture, without intervening structurally, it was decided to work on the facades color, choosing a standing and contemporary one which acts , at the same time, as a trait d’union, between the garden and the original style of the house. As for the décor, choices have focused on a simple design which becomes important thanks to the careful juxtaposition of some references to the original Provencal, with simple but sophisticated new furniture. The neutral colors palette and natural elements, together imprint, thanks also to some ethnic decorative elements, the rooms with a customized and underlying sophistication.

salle d’eau

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This is a makeover project of a bathroom in a private apartment. The owner wanted us to create a space of “purity” where she could take care of herself, with a jacuzzi tub and a large shower .It has been chosen to create a nature feeling room, using elements of minimal and basic forms, high quality materials and customized realization. Some decorative spotlights, according to the owner’s taste, were introduced to personalize the bathroom.

loung a champagne

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The client wanted to transform the hotel’s second lounge bar into a night club, a place where international worldly customers could meet and have good time; we were commissioned to carry out the new look of the space. The room should have distinguished spaces and characterized by an international fashion-glam style. The theme of the restaurant is the “champagne” in all its meanings (physical and emotional). As for the bar area, it was decided to create an atmosphere that recalls the perlage using golden tones and valuable, bright, translucent surfaces. In the reception area crystal cabinets (modern pupitres), in which millesimate bottles direct customers to the experience of the place. The tasting area (dosage), is gathered in intimate sitting spaces on the terrace overlooking the bay, it is characterized by silks and handmade furniture and soft lighting. The Privès calls up the sabrage , with Italian marble finishes, quilted leather capitonnè, fine silk curtains surround and protect an intimate area from strangers eyes.

apartment b

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When we visited the apartment with the owner, before purchasing, we fell in love with the amazing view on the Casinò square and on the bay. We decided that the best possible use of these values was the interior design. The requests were to create a sober space with clean lines, characterized by a comfortable intimacy and a palette of natural colors. The sea is the inspiration for the color of the walls, while padded furnishing recall the soft colors of the earth. Simple shape furniture, natural materials, the know-how of the territory, along with meticulous attention to the harmonious proportions of the pieces and to the interaction between two-dimensional and three-dimensional elements were the tools and skills to define a cozy and soft environment stretched over the landscape.

apartment a

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The project has posed an arduous challenge because of the strong constraints and limitation of actions imposed. We were not allowed to work on masonry and modify the current state; we only had the permission to act on the finishes and furnishings in a time frame that would not exceed two months. The client asked for an important and cosmopolitan environment in which to put some pieces of his ethnic collection. Lush and full colors, quality and fine material, Italian handcraft, and different scales proportions, along with some standing elements are the design parameters for the interior design of the apartment.

apartment f.r.

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The owner of the two room flat downtown, contacted us to improve the interior arrangement and to realize a comfortable room that would allow to host formal dinners without reducing the receiving space. We intervened on the original plan composition using the connective spaces for the single purpose of the technological services, thus leaving the majority of the space to the hosting. We have opted for transformable custom-made furniture, able to adapt to the needs (formal dinner, family dinner, reception, party,…). The palette, chosen between black and darks colors, and the geometric furniture shapes, create a very masculine space in which high-quality materials, handcrafted finishes, textures with a strong material appeal, along with a studied lighting design, produce a sophisticated and international atmosphere.

vigna zo

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The heirs of this vigna (vigna is a local typical residential building that has developed between the 16th and 18th sc on Turin’s hills), subjected to rigid environmental and artistic restrictions, have contacted us twice in a raw, fist (after being divided into different housing units) to renovate the top floor and the attic in order to redistribute space into two representative apartments (for owners )and an artist’s atelier, then to redesign mutual parts and to realize: an underground garage, a swimming pool with adjoining pavilions, a greenhouse. About common parts, we decide to interpret typical vigna’s stylistic feature through a modern spirit. Materials are in line with the original ones. The Belvedere pavilion patterns have been applied to swimming pools dependences; the same swimming pool is designed calling out of peschiere (baroque fishing pool) patterns. Orography difference in height were leveled and turned into staircases and terraces reminiscing Italian gardens. As for the interior layout, it was decided to resume the Baroque scenographic approach and use connective spaces to obtain visual perspectives and diversified spatial backdrops.
On owner’s request we have not included photos.

office f.t.

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This intervention was developed within an industrial building to create functional spaces for commercial and financial activity. The functionally requests were to realize isolated working areas for individual teams but, if necessary, they could be opened to allow multiple teams to work without dislocating their workstations. The style was supposed to suggest visually the character of the company, largely composed of young but highly qualified staff with an international background. Compositionally, we decided to maintain the industrial building pillars structure and not realize infill walls, spaces are defined by cabinets (full-height and double opening) and movable wings. A central corridor allows the connection between the parties, when the work asks for individual teams. For the interior design we have chosen a formal and minimalist style, characterized by square and rigid forms all in grey and black; contrasting wood elements will reduce the rigid formal impact in favor of a more youthful and personal touch.

office brx

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A European law firm asked us to intervene on the existing plan, in order to make it more functional, and a new interior design for representation areas and main offices. The choice was to design a central axis which gives access to offices and a division between representation and service space. The axis (hallway) appears as an evocative space, in which the modern and antique legislative tomes (office’s propriety) become the walls, the structure and the access to the firm’s offices. As office activity’s reference, the interior design creates a glocal style, to merge into an international atmosphere the office’s Flemish origin and the city to which it belongs. We used coloring and materials inspired by Flemish art and personalized contemporary Belgian design furnishings integrated by international design pieces. The decoration set up has opted for an highly tactile approach, where ,the materials and their characteristics are the ones to create and structure textures and finishes.

studiò cns

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The owner was looking for rearranging and re-furnishing her holiday studiò. Requests were to create an Italian bathroom, a French toilet, a separated sleeping area with direct access to the bathroom and a foyer. The project is developed in tandem with the interior design and works on the idea of the box: an intimate space (the bathroom and the toilet in the blind side of the property), around which the living space extends. Reflective diversified surfaces allow to expand and separate the small space creating the illusion of the succession of rooms. The handcrafted surface finishes and the custom-made furniture, intervene to give a high-impact style.

studiò bru

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This studiò project was designed to create a comfortable and convenient location where the owner can dwell either temporarily (during his permanence at the European Court) or for a long-time without having the impression of being in a hotel room. The new layout creates a whole room divided into integrated functional areas. The enlarged bathroom becomes a taking care area and can be separated or related to the studiò space by sliding elements; toilet is French style. The kitchen is customized to be retractable. To maximize the space, walls become storage units. To enhance the volume, hues are clear and neutral and come from grey tones; the use of natural and tactile materials ensures a warm and personal space. The decorative elements are inspired by the owner’s hobby.

pied a terre

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A young couple (contemporary art and design collectors) has contacted us to redesign the layout of a small apartment, in order to turn it into a holyday pied-a-terre in which show some pieces of their collection. The interior design’s inspiration comes from a painting that the owners strongly wanted to place in the flat. The grunge and highly tactile style of the picture has inspired the atmosphere of the whole room in which materials were deliberately left “unfinished”, the surface treatments are raw and the furniture is chosen for its primary volumes and hard shapes. The colors chosen are the ones from worn–out original materials, a part from the picture frame, in which complementary colors are used to put greater emphasis on the picture .

la loca

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The customers requested to renovate and convert the building into a wine lounge, characterized by soft and cozy atmospheres. The building, abandoned for 20 years , consisted of several small parts, erected in various times, characterized by different structures, typology and styles. Structurally it had serious static problems, floors and roofs were in poor condition and the skeleton shows lack of homogeneity (horizontal, vertical) among the parts. Initially the project was aimed at regenerating the structural deficiencies and to replace the no more efficient parts, by establishing a cooperative, correct and rigid constraints structure. The design maintained, inside, the valuable existent elements and, outside, the volumes and the relation with the urban stylistic-typology. Later we designed the layout to adapt spaces to the new commercial needs, and to realize continuity between inside-outside, so as to keep Menton bay overview the décor force piece.
About the atmosphere, in order to achieve the client’s desire, the interior design choice has favored the creation of a homogeneous environment, with a strong tactile component, dark and warm tones with a combination of a few elements of contrasting colors scattered around in order to create a contemporary evergreen room; the lighting is designed to be soft and precise on the details.

la ferme

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An old mill, which had already undergone restoration, has been designed, satisfying the owners’ request for a new layout and to assimilate the side stock wing in it. Plans were the most philological as possible, calling up the coeval Provençal hotels particuliers planimetry. The project has integrated the warehouse to daylight space, turning it into a large living room with a fireplace and open onto the garden. The living spaces were redistributed according to the client’s needs: on the ground floor reception and entertainment areas, on the first the master’s rooms and on the second floor the children’s rooms. The volume of the warehouse has been reshaped presenting again the style and decor of the existing building.

house Z

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The main request of the owner ’s house (built after the end of the 2nd world war) was to reunify the existing different apartments into a single housing unit where, the patriarchal family members would find their own spaces, both common and private, according to generations. Structurally, no consolidation was needed, so we intervened mainly to improve the performance of the building, facing north, and adapting it to the current energy standards. The high quality standard of living was guaranteed by: perimeter XPS insulation panels; ventilated wall with precise thermal break hooks; low emission tinted-glass wooden windows, Canadian well (geothermal natural air) ventilation system, condensing and heat recovery boiler. In order to remain in the heights prescribed, the attic isolation layer, reduced in thickness, is obtained through the use of vacuum insulated panels and with PCM (phase change materials) onto the pitch underside. The ground floor layout has been projected as the common area, where no rigid partitions, but sliding walls that could adapt rooms according to the needs. The other floors have been converted into spaces for the various generations and individual needs. In the basement, plant rooms and services have been set.

mountain hut TT

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The owners of an abandoned old alpine hut have contacted us to renovate the building and divide it into two independent units to use during the winter season. Concerning the layout we decided to orient the two units in order to take advantage of the overall view. Structurally, the project has provided for the lower part, the stiffening of the load bearing walls(dry wall) with columns and perimeter beams in reinforced concrete, while in the upper part, the original timber structure has been reinforced with precast plant-integrated BBS perimeter walls; deteriorated beams and central pillars have been replaced with laminar wooden ones. Particular attention has been devoted to the isolation of thick XPS panels. The roof was redone in traditional carpentry. The external coatings are local handcraft face: brick-stone for the lower part, wooden local essence planks (autoclaved) for the upper part, lose (traditional stone tiles) for the roof.

auberge 93

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The building, a hotel of the 30’s, abandoned since the 70’s, had already been the subject of restructuring (begun and never finished). The new owners asked us to take over the existing project and to optimize it in order to achieve the maximum possible housing units, suitable for Italian buyers. The building had a facade planning restrictions: you could only intervene to restore the status quo. The project, while maintaining its core the view of the bay of Menton, followed two guidelines: the first (especially in the common areas) aimed to return the decorations and the charme of the original building; the second (in individual units) to focus on a functional and practical layout.

penthouse P.V.

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The customer’s requests were about renovating entirely this penthouse while maintaining as much as possible the original features and decorations. The main demand was to turn the original layout into a comfortable and welcoming holiday flat, adapting it to the new clients’ needs. The décor should be light, contemporary and integrating some of the owners’ furniture of the thirties.
The design aims to create proportional relationships among parts and visual prospective with the goal to extend optically and physically the limited space. A cooperative glass structural wall and cutting edge technology, transform the existing bathroom into two comfortable rooms with natural light; at the same time the glass wall becomes a structure for bath fittings (shower and sink). The interior design is expressed in lighter hues and magnolia white and plays with natural and soft materials. The furnishings, made by Italian craftsmen, have been specially designed using both traditional (wood and marble) and contemporary (steel and glass) materials to achieve a cocoon atmosphere and optimize the space. To create a cozy and warm ambiance we boldly played with multiple source of light out of the most modern technology.

apartment Saluzzo

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We were in charge of renovating a dating back 30’s flat into up to date apartment. The owners’ requests were about a functional with a wider living space layout and a separation between the day and night rooms. Reducing connective areas to a minimum, the project has changed the interior distribution , integrated the foyer in the living room and a second bathroom pertaining master bedroom has been made. The doors (the only original 30’s elements left) have been restored and maintained. The colors and materials were chosen to their ability to expand and light spaces. Because of the type and location (2nd ft. on a central very busy avenue ) we had paid particular attention to soundproofing: the window were replaced with double glazing acoustic cut frames and peripheral surfaces (vertical and horizontal) have been dubbed with high performance sound low thicknesses absorbing paneling.

apartment NOR.D.

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In order to adapt the apartment to the owner ‘s needs (a Scandinavian couple who has chosen Nice as their winter place) the design has completely reshaped it. The requirements were to avoid the “marine” style and create a comfortable, warm and non-formal room. The design choice was to realize a wide day environment without functional distinctions. On request of the owners, materials out of natural origin have been chosen; therefore, the interior design focuses on materials with strong and intrinsic decorative textures prerogatives, and privileging, as primary decorative codes, Nordic wood species and large plot handmade wool tissues. The combination of resilient materials and soft materials ,has allowed to create relationships between formal and cozy elements, which contribute to create an atmosphere that reflects the client personality.

apartment LVT

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The clients wanted to modernize an apartment in a bourgeois building without canceling its architectonic peculiarities. Around the original fixed furnishing a more modern design takes shape, unusual and contemporary materials (felt, folded sheet, biscuit…) play down the impact of original style and create neutral scenic backdrops, that melt harmoniously belle époque building decorations and minimalist furniture (requested by the owners). The colors are deliberately flat, toned and enlivened only by the materials texture; a neutral color links all the apartment rooms, each of which, depending on their function, are characterized by slight specific monochromatic accents.

apartment A.N.T.O.

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The client contacted us to re-design completely (both architectural and interior design) the basement, in order to realize a new independent real estate unit. The requests were to maintain the existing boiserie, lightening as much as possible its wooden component and realize a loft inspired by a “fusion” between the minimalist style and the glamour, with palette in shades of gray and metallic materials. The design carries out a layout with simple and intelligible geometries, where fixed furniture items are custom made as a continuity and integration of the new architectural structure; the furnishings are focused on sculptural, but neutral forms, in order to make them interchangeable and to lie outside the classical interior design’s arrangement . Surfaces treatments are textural with intense and deep colorings, some metal backdrop finishes (silver leaf and oxidized metal ) gives intense visual interplay and allows the light refraction in natural, warm and rich tones. The boiserie, pickled in grey tones and lightened of its grains, was treated as a textured background.

Campiste Monterosa

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The project was to adapt and adjust a mountainous area in order to transform it into a campsite according to standards and legal requirements; the work was carried out by a local enterprise and on a tight budget. The campsite lot is a grassland, located at 1390 meters above sea level, on slopes and with high trunk trees. The project has traced the roads inside the lot and the areas of camp-parking ,three small stonework buildings with the traditional lose roof were made. These ones host bar, supermarket, direction, laundry, dishwasher, toilets and showers (male, female and for peoples with disabilities). Electrical installations, (lot lighting and camping place outlet) water and sewer hookups and the lot perimeter fence have been realized.

Sportuomo Torino 80

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The exhibition purpose was to raise awareness and engage actively people, especially youth, in all sports, even those little known to the general public. The exhibit project has interested a surface of 40.000 m2 (15.000m2indoor and 25.000 m2outdoor) and has realized different sectors and sections both for sports facilities and related exhibitions: ticket office, entrances,100meters tunnel, pole vault pit, shooting cabins, plate for multi-purpose sports matches, cyclo-cross track, artificial indoor climbing structure, indoor artificial ski slope with ski lift, ring-track, field boxing, artificial track cross-country skiing, external golf field, and stands , local center for sports medicine, movie-theater marquee,” Sport per sport ecco gli sport” exhibition, “Torino e lo sport” exhibition, “lo sport nasce a…” exhibition, halls for sports promotion institutions .”Sport per sport ecco lo sport ” exhibition illustrates, with the help of mannequins and specific equipment, the practice of each sport and testifies the sport influence in the world of textile production, clothing and on actual social customs. “Sport and survival” exhibition ,ironically, illustrates the link between some sports practices and the original struggle for life, from the triple jump down to the one hundred meters. “Sports and games” documents the sport evolution from pure recreational activity to complex professional and business organizations (for example football). “Sport and progress” illustrates with charts, models, prototypes, the technological contribution linked to the evolution of the tools and sports cars. In its 100 days life the exhibition involved more than 500,000 visitors.


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The client’s requests, in order to create a kid-scale school, were accurate and precise: to meet the didactics and educational needs of a school based on autonomy, to ensure the best functional management and to allow a space implementation in the future, without interfering with teaching. As for children in kindergarten, socialization and discovery of the world around them are the school goals, the project is a structure, open both outwards and inwards, with flexible and interacting spaces able to adapt to the didactic and teaching needs. The project idea (inspired by the principles of the didactic unit) was the unit-module, that builds up a three-dimensionally structure that can be repeated, opened, closed and implemented at one time to create different educational spaces according to didactic program demands. The orientation has privileged openings facing east, to optimized the lighting during the school time and to take the most advantage of natural and renewable energetic sources. Glass curtain walls give the feeling of living outside in the nature 365 days a year. Brise soleils, solar panels, rainwater recovery systems, thermal recovery heating and natural ventilation allow the creation of a sustainable building with an excellent living quality .

Multipurpose public Center

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In relation to the requirements of the public clients and after a careful analysis of the socio-cultural characteristics that typify the valley of Sappada, the Schbaaf decoration was considered to be of great symbolic value: identification and metonymy of Sappada, but also representative of the enlarged mountain community. So the plan of the building recalls the form and structure of Schbaaf ( hat decoration made from tail feathers of grouse, typical of the dolomite valleys) . The structure follows the relief and natural lighting, it buries its technical parts and moves back at each floor, in order to reduce the visual impact of the volume and realize an independent access, plus an outdoors relevance area at each floor (every floor is used for only one function). The steel structural work acts as a rigid body, according to the “hierarchy of strength” in response to the current seismic regulations in the area. Attentions in designing (osmosis and natural convection energy recovery ventilation stacks, integrated wind energy nano-plants, solar tunnels and photovoltaic generation plants, selective glazing, phase change materials, rainwater and plants water recovery…) plus the dry technique made it possible to achieve a sustainable building. The flexible architecture principles have been applied to ensure building adaptation to future needs while maintaining its connotation (multipurpose building used by the community) avoiding the functional obsolescence as time passes.

Cavoretto’s Alpini Monument

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monumento agli alpini formato da tre lastre di bronzo che definiscono un continuum uncio e rappresentano le tre anime dell'Alpinità: la penna il territorio e le montagne

The idea comes from the identification of three ideal elements that represent being “alpino”: mountains, the belonging territory and the tradition. Mountains are represented by alpine outline which is visible from Cavoretto; the territory is the profile of Cavoretto symbolized by the church, the bell tower and the roofs of the houses; tradition is the black eagle feather, the ” feather ” that identifies us as being alpini army members, symbol of the indissoluble hyphen between mountain, territory. These three elements are designed as three overlapping plates, of which the upper profile, creates a continuous line to represent the message of connection and unity between alpini and the territory. The material is oxidized copper, chosen because it recalls the color of the alpini (uniforms, hat, ..)and the mountain. It is philologically correct because the monument is located in an urban (square, church, rectory and buildings) homogeneous context, built in the Baroque age.

La Dolce Vita

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The client’s request was a removable building that reminded the Indian Ocean resorts. The structure on the beach is made up of twelve misaligned ridge trusses resting on pillars. The structure stiffening is achieved by a current pole plate along the entire perimeter fixed at the tie rod level. A grating clasped to tie beam intrados, forms a decorative texture and at the same time determines an efficient bracing. The material used is laminated seasoned Cipò, wood specially chosen for its hardness and resistance to weathering, here particularly constraining. The structure rests on a concrete slab and the floating floor is in autoclaved teak tiles. All hardware is stainless steel. Couplers and fastening are designed to dismantle and assemble the structure without causing effects of chipping, and to avoid any performance structural loss in panel point.

Indoor climbing gym

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The project was a technical-athletic structure used for mountain sport in particular for free climbing; it is the first European public indoor equipment. The project structure is inserted in a special atypical preexisting building (palazzo a Vela designed in 1961 by Annibale and Giorgio Rigotti for the celebration of 100 years of the unification of Italy). The project reproduces, artificially, all the difficulties that may be encountered in climbing mountains, both in ice climbing surfaces (the couloirs, the rigole, the seracs and crevasses ) and in rocks side climbing (plates, chimneys, corners, edges, ridges and “roofs”) allowing users to face in total serenity (anchors of security, self-insurance, rings for attachment of carabiners, etc..) the typical difficulties of this sport and gain athletic training while practicing free climbing as amateur or as competitive. The structure has operated continuously until its demolition desired by the architect Gae Aulenti in order to transform the pala Vela into an ice skating rink for the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin. The structure was made of concrete, Perosa’s gneiss split slabs, wooden planks, S floor-system, profiled metal tubular frame, posts double-T and metal staircase .

Riva Park

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The project aim was to give “life” to the city and make the peculiarities of historical and local environmentalist become central and interact constantly with the people. At the urban level, the design has proposed a connecting radial network road to reduce the private traffic flow in direct proportion to the distance from the new city center, with interchange poles between cars and green vehicles. For pedestrian traffic, evoking the medieval town pattern of the City (Walls) walkways, the connection among the parts is realized through a TAPE composed by modular elements of different widths, sections and made by sustainable material. Signage and street lighting elements, made up of photovoltaic panels and nano-wind power plants, are a productive network of renewable energy; for the purpose of making citizens aware, the production and storage of green energy is visible, in real time, on a big screen sets in the new park. The PARK is projected as a sustainable and educational ensemble. The idea of the project is inspired by territory orography: hills and glacial lakes. These ones are interpreted in different scales, in various volumes and in different materials, to create mixed fruition areas without compositional discontinuity. The relation between volumes and heights helps to eliminate the fracture and the gap between the flat park area and the vertical surrounding buildings, it helps to provide geographical continuity with the hill of the historic center. Educational panels explain the “how and why” of the sustainable strategies applied in the park (infiltration plus filtration ditch, biotype basin, basin wetlands, differentiated absorption surface, recycling rainwater, wind and solar energy).

Cittadella footbridge

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The plot is set in a “non-place”, a connecting peripheral area and a historical priority access (of which no trace remains) to the city. It is in a rural landscape, wide and flat without characterization, apart from the southwest corner, which has view on the city medieval walls. The project idea takes inspiration from this condition of “urban access”: THE GATE. The project reinterprets, in a contemporary and technological way, the structural outline and the functional schemes present in the defensive Cittadella’s walls. To avoid the effect of a dislocated architecture, instead of intervening on the volumetric mass, we had chosen to intervene with an evocative volume, based on the geometric primary lines and constructive outlines and then, to minimize all the other elements.
The materials are philological, sustainable, durable and self-protective; they do not require high costs (economic and environmental) both for their realization and for their maintenance; materials are: corten and reconstituted wood. Owing to the location in the territory, the inclusion of micro-wind turbines and photovoltaic elements ensure complete energy independence and lighting autonomy to the walkway and the below crossroads.

Bo y bu house

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The utmost requirement of an artist and merchant couple was to design (from scratch ) a building that was both their downtown home and their shop-atelier, but these two parts although connected, should not interfere. The house area has been requested as a light and spacious space where to receive at any time of the day, with a more intimate space dedicated to the couple. In the shop-atelier, because of the size, the warehouse space and exposure area had to coexist. The lot is small, narrow and long, facing both on the street and the internal courtyard. The project idea was to play on volumes, creating two areas (divided by a strong and articulated support structure) and compositionally characterized in opposition: the living area, light (structurally and optically), bright and projected outward and the atelier, introverted, dark and characterized by strong materials.

Martiri dei Partigiani square

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The square Martiri Partigiani re-qualification project aims to give back to the Sassuolo community its central place (now divided into discontinuous spaces) which has lost for a long time the value of “center”. The idea is to turn it into a representative “place” and make it the contemporary expression of the community. To achieve this, the requalification should involve the community: exemplified for us by the “ceramic district“. Referring to the city coat of arms (“born from rock gems”), the idea is to give birth to the Sassuolo’s “gems” out of ground. Gems are though as modern TOTEM: made of gres porcelain and realized in synergy with the “ceramic district” companies and know-how; so they became the “gems” of the local excellence and “shine” for their forefront as best expression of local product (gres porcelain), local firms’ abilities and their technical qualities.
The project is strongly influenced by urban and local historical references which are interpreted and used in a contemporary way to give back monuments of the square their formal and philological urban meaning. Synergy and interaction between the historical urban planning theory and the contemporary architectural composition allows us to reconstruct the environment of the square maintaining the peculiarities and specific historical and cultural references of each of its parts. The decision to create an multipurpose cultural and commercial basement (client’s optional request), fits strategically within this planning.

farewell citadel

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The project idea was born from a careful and sensitive analysis of the already existing and its comparison with the context and the historical project. We follow two lead lines: on one hand the enhancement of historical presences (well and facades) and on the other the references of the type/function of the project and their historical (Villanovan culture’s tombe a pozzetto) and emotional (prevalence of mythopoetic elements: Light, Matter and Nature) background. From all these interconnected considerations, the concept of well was born: WELL as a connecting element between two opposite but complementary elements of the same “one” (death-life, indoor-outdoor, contemporary-history …). By gemmation the well element, in different sizes and functions (connective, air, light, green), creates, around the historical well, the building, as an hypogeum space, thus leaving the lot surface to public parks and opens it to new urban perspectives. The northern part of the underground structure is independent and dedicated to the mortuary and the cult of the dead; here, filtered by wells, the light gives substance to space by defining tactile and monolithic volumes. With independent access, the southern part is used, as morgue and, as administration/services; here, through large green wells, the light enters and spreads all over the room, expanding the space, with passer-through perspective and visual effects, thanks to different translucent/reflective surfaces made in Active material. Rainwater recovery, photovoltaic, photocatalytic materials, geothermal heating, natural thermal insulation, architectural flexibility achieve a high quality standard and eco-friendly project.

Apartment AT

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The apartment, on the ground floor of a late nineteenth century building, in an area of the town at the foot of the hills, needed a new layout to adapt to the new owners’ requests. Technically the project was focused on the apartment improvement (realization of crawl space with aeration and ventilated cavities for the basement walls). The plan design creates a spacious and open day space, (especially towards the garden) it makes the kitchen area functional and livable, conforms the bathroom to the current regulations and provides it with new comfort. Flats arch vaults have been restored and left exposed in the living area.

Apartment LH

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The project worked on a civil structure (skeleton structure), which has allowed to act freely in order to achieve the customer’s desires: an unicum, a high-level standard apartment which opens on the city view. To maximize the panorama, instead of perimeter masonry parts, the project has placed , continuous glass walls so as to integrate the panoramic terrace and make the city skyline the decorative backdrops. To create a contemporary space for living, as client wished, we have designed a non-traditional floor plan (no closed rooms) with a porous and open structure; the layout has favored a longitudinal distribution through a panoramic ambulatory area, from where and with which, the house spaces take shape in linear succession. The interior design opts for timeless design pieces of furniture, fine and high quality materials, customized finishes and sober, clean, linear and strict forms . Warm and neutral colors, focus the attention on client’s art masterpieces, and realize an intimate and cozy atmosphere.

Apartment BRU

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The penthouse owners required a high quality standard and an interior designing that would target the bien vivre of the owners during their stay in the city. In agreement with the client, the idea was to mix shapes and pieces of furniture from classical (family owned) to contemporary ones and mainly use the know-how of craftsmen, tailoring finishes and a very few mass production pieces of furniture. The materials are warm and sophisticated, the palette calls up the local traditional colors that together contribute, with the researched furniture compositional scheme, to create an underlying elegant room in which functionality and aesthetics are integrated.